my simple speechless..

Assalamualaikum!! moshi-moshi there....
me Izzah. Like I though, I'm new here. So, my blog not amazing like other bloggers ^_^! I'm also still baby on blogs world... yeah~ I want to tell you also that I love to have a lot of friends... UN! LOT OF FRIENDS. Demo, I'm not friendly on outside just inside insyaALLAH, ngeee :D  you understand what i mean ?
Here I want to thanks to shafiqah zulkifli and syukri ismail cause helped me to made a blog!!! love both of them.... hahahaha as friend ye~
yup! juz that I want to tell you everyone :) tak nak membebel dah.. siapalah aku untuk speaking goodly :]
aishiteru minna-san....with highly lovely from me dan siapa-siapa je ;*


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    moshi2 atashinci wani2 argm! argm! :D