you brought COLORS in my life

Oppppssss! heeeee-


my senior told me that the meaning of 'kawan' and 'sahabat' are different.

'kawan' is who will be nice to us when her/his friend are leaving
she/he will find us when have a problem
But,when he/she have another friend maybe more good,she/he will leaving us
she/he will story something bad about us
she/he will keep away from us

with this, we will be sad, sadness inside us hit!

absolutely different with 'sahabat' 
'sahabat' will help us when we need and really need a help

'sahabat' will always advice us when we make a mistake

'sahabat' will raise the spirits when we fall

'sahabat' will accompany us everytime

when we're not able to achieve a desired, 'sahabat' as well as ready to help us

'sahabat' always delight us

'sahabat' always loves us, no matter how many different between her/him and us

'sahabat' will share everything!!


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